How I Use Workouts to Help Me Drop Weight

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How I Use Workouts to Help Me Drop

Changing my eating habits was my first corrective measure when I became tired of being overweight. This helped, but it did not accomplish my expressed goal of losing weight on an ongoing basis. With the amount of fat I needed to lose, nutrition alone just wasn’t going to cut it; so now I Use Exercise as well. My fat began burning away when I both exercised and ate healthy. Here’s how to use exercise to send unwanted body fat packing.

Employ a significant number of cardiovascular workouts

As a rule of thumb, 3,500 calories must be burned to lose one pound of fat. The odds of burning that many calories are slim unless you add cardio workouts as part of your training. Aim to get cardio, with an emphasis on high intensity interval training, five days a week. To attain the entire cardio workout, there is no reason not to employ different segments of the workout throughout the day.

An example of a typical cardio workout spread throughout the day might look like this:

  • Pop in a workout video and exercise for 15 to 30 minutes before dinner.
  • Run on a treadmill for 15 minutes when you wake up.
  • Take a brisk 15-minute walk around the parking lot during your lunch break.

Exercise bikes and treadmills are not the only options you have for a healthy cardio workout. Don’t misunderstand because these two devices will provide you with cardio workouts that are more than adequate. Boredom can result if you limit yourself to these two cardio exercise machines. Your heart can get a workout in many different manners. A short list, from among hundreds of ways to do so, of alternative ways to gain cardio exercise might include jumping rope, mowing the lawn, gardening, swimming, and kick boxing.

Another valuable exercise is to life weights

Many women avoid weights like the plague. They fear pumping iron will make them look bulky and masculine. Don’t believe it for a second. Unless you use some sort of performance-enhancing drug when you lift weights, the possibility of looking like the Hulk is slim.

Lifting weights will jump-start your metabolism, help you build lean muscle tissue, and burn off your fat. Even at times you are kicking back on the couch, the more lean muscle mass you have, the more calories your body will burn. Because the consistency of lean muscle mass is so compact, the amount of space it takes up in the human body, compared to fat, is small. Any lean muscle tissue you build lifting weights will tone your body and give you a streamlined physique. Lay fears of becoming bulky aside, ladies, and get in shape by pumping iron thrice weekly.

A potential workout plan for you might include

In one of my past newsletters, I talked about building a foundation by focusing on mastering the basics: lunges, squats, pushing, twisting, and pulling. In consecutive sequence, perform these exercises. After all five exercises have been completed, follow through with a total of two additional repetitions.

This sample workout includes:

* Bodyweight squats – 10 to 20 repetitions

* Bodyweight lunges – 8 on each leg

* Modified pushups on your knees 10 to 15 repetitions

* Assisted pull ups – 10 repetitions

* Medicine ball or dumbbell wood-chop – 10 repetitions per side

Making these exercises more challenging through increased resistance levels and instituting an elevated degree of complexity are options afforded to you as the level of your fitness expands. fat burning fat for my body with fabulous results and I’m confident exercise can do the same for you.

It feels great every morning when your health and appearance are in accord with your wishes. It’s unacceptable to settle for less. Tried and true methods implemented in application of the Diet Solution Program will assist with your goal of losing excess pounds.

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