A few Easy Dishes to be Certain that Your Slow Carb Diet Plan is a Success!

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A few Easy Dishes to be Certain that Your Slow Carb Diet Plan is a Success!buckeyeag.com

Here’s an overview of the items I consume on a regular basis for the slow carb diet. For every six out of 7 days each week, I follow the detailed approach listed below. Then the seventh day is my cheat day, where there are only a couple of regulations. Nonetheless, there’s never any calorie counting or debating about whether or not you should eat something!

Breakfast – Within just a half hour to an hour of awakening, I normally consume one of only two items for this meal:

1. Egg white omelet (3/4-1 cup), vegetable(s) (may be green pepper, baby spinach, broccoli or a combo), crushed red pepper, fresh pepper, and sea salt. Once that’s executed, I add salsa (needs to have no sugar) mixed with some sort of legume (I like either lentils or perhaps black beans for my slow carb diet) on top.

2. Select a few hard-boiled eggs, old bay seasoning, fresh pepper, sea salt, broccoli dipped in organic almond butter, as well as a few dried edamame on occasion.

Lunch – Usually one of these items (except when there’s a left-over of a solid slow carb dinner entrée):

1. Poultry that is normally cooked in a frying pan with some extra virgin olive oil and a few terrific seasonings, cooled and sliced up, then blended together with salsa & legumes. Plus, I will routinely have a spinach salad along with other vegetables, banana peppers, plus some sunflower seeds. For dressing, I use Ken’s Northern Italian Lite.

2. Campbell’s Chunky Soup – Either lean beef with vegetables or sirloin burger with vegetables, and 2 large spoonfuls of legumes.

Dinner – Kudos to my amazing wife Pam for these outstanding and delightful slow carb diet selections! I will usually pick 1 from each one of the following three groups:

1. Lean Meat: Grass fed beef, chicken, or fish (usually salmon)
2. Veggies: Spinach salad or steamed vegetables
3. Legumes: Edamame, lentils, or black beans

Be sure you keep the following points in mind when putting together your own routine. First, observe on the six non cheat days that each meal comprises of a lean protein, legumes & veggies. The truth is, your body doesn’t require anything more; in other words, starches, white flour, and so forth supply us with basically no essential nutrients.

Additionally, at no point should you be thinking about counting calories, if you stick to what I’ve provided. Lastly, it is essential that you stick to the suggested exercises together with your diet to achieve optimum results.

Now you could be inquiring, what about those wonderful cheat days that you referred to? For more useful information about this phenomenal diet and to find out what a typical cheat day looks like for me, drop by Slow Carb Diet today!

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